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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big Island Love

I am posting mostly to assure my readers (I like to think that I have readers, whether it is wishful thinking or not) that I am alive and have not given up on my training or this blog. On Friday the 29th I left Oahu for my new home on the Big Island and every moment since then has been full to the brim with cleaning, unpacking, furniture-hauling, and intermittent exploring.

Before I left Honolulu, however, my last two workouts were quite memorable. On Wednesday, March 26th, I did my own private biathlon in honor of my late father, an avid runner and swim-lover. Carrying my goggles and earplugs, I ran 2.5 miles from my house to the ocean, where I jumped in and swam half a mile. When I was done I put my shoes back on and ran theater mile home. Doing this in honor of my dad was great motivation and makes me feel like I celebrated his birthday in a way he would have enjoyed.

On Friday morning before getting on the plane I dragged myself out of bed and into my running shoes, dreading every second. My diligence was rewarded, however, as soon as I reached Kapiolani park and was greeted by a rainbow so small I could see both sides directly in my path. As I ran around the park, it stayed miraculously consistent, hovering a hundred yards in front of me for at least 20 minutes. As I turned left and reached the ocean, it moved out across the water where it grew and became stationary.

Symbolism aside (how appropriate that I followed beauty for most of my run before it headed out across the ocean, as I was about to do in my move), it was a lovely reminder of the small gifts I am given each time I choose to seize the moment and get outside to exercise. I am eternally thankful for such a gorgeous last workout in Honolulu.

And so, here I am: partially moved in, un-worked out due to days of hard moving work, but feeling confident and ready to get back on it. I can't wait to see what my training on the beautiful Big Island holds!

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