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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tracking a Tri

I have discovered that training for a triathlon adds a significant amount to your To-Do list each day; there is no way to avoid that. The key, I believe, is to figure out a system that allows you to actually enjoy your To-Do list rather than feeling smothered by it. What this entails will differ significantly from person to person, but take the time to figure it out. A new planner? A calendar on the wall? A computer program? An app for your phone?

For me, the best solution was to go old-school. In keeping with my list-making obsession, I created a template that I can copy over and over and over, copy down the workouts from the computer, and fill the rest out each day. I find that the process of handwriting everything keeps me feeling up to date on my training plans and the prospect of filling it out each day helps motivate me. It also creates a handy makeshift journal in which I have record of my progress, patterns I see, and details about each day's workouts that I might otherwise forget.

In addition to training details, I track my daily water intake, my non-triathlon To Do list, and what I have accomplished each day. I feel organized and it is gratifying to see all the things that I do each day on paper. As you can see, I also notate my next day's workout at the bottom so that I know what to expect and can mentally prepare myself without incessantly flipping back and forth between pages.

The small numbers in "#-#" format at the top left signify the week and day of the training schedule. For example, Tuesday, March 5th was the 4th day of my 12th week of training. This helps me stay synced with my online training guide and makes it easy to keep track of where I'm at with the online schedule.

If you like the general idea but don't feel like writing so much by hand, you could easily make a template on the computer, print out tons of of copies, and simply fill them in each day. If you want an online option, Beginner Triathlete also offers a training log with free site registration.

The bottom line is that whatever tracking method speaks to you, it's a great idea to log your workouts, water intake, and notes somewhere so that you can stay organized and look back later. Find the best option for yourself and enjoy logging all of the hard work you're putting in!

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