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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Day Another Workout

My training for the sprint is back on track after messing with my nutrition intake. After focusing on eating protein with every meal, eating more grains, and even a little more fat for 4 days, my mile times on the bike and running went back down to normal and when I weighed myself at the gym I had lost another two pounds. The body is an amazing thing, and I feel lucky to be getting into close touch with mine, something that I think is easy to lose in our society. 

My fifteen mile bike, however, seems to be ever-evasive. On my second try (after my flat tire incident) I made it half a mile before coming to a stop at an intersection and suddenly finding myself unable to get started again. Embarrassed and confused, I carried my bike to the sidewalk under the glaring eyes of annoyed motorists only to find that the snobby I'm-better-than-you hipster bike tech who changed the tire and "worked on the back brake" put the back wheel on so crooked that as soon as I hit the brakes it got caught on the frame, never to move again.

For the second time in a row, I carried my bike home and to the bike shop, this time simmering with barely contained rage. I was ready for a fight with hipster better-than-you bike chick, but luckily for both of us I was greeted by a kind (and apparently more knowledgeable) guy who fixed the issue immediately, for free, and offered many apologies. Every bump on my 9 mile ride the next day made me nervous and I thought I heard scraping metal at every turn, but my tires survived and for the first time in over a week I got to actually ride the bike home rather than carrying it. Happy day.

In more exciting news, yesterday I registered for the Lavaman Keauhou Olympic length triathlon on November 24th, 2013 so my fate is sealed. I will be completing an Olympic length triathlon by the end of the year come hell or high water. The race only takes 400 participants and spots go quickly, so after having the registration date pushed back twice I was extremely nervous that I would miss the cut off and my triathlon dreams would be smashed. A couple of panicky hours after registration opened, however, I had my spot! It's official!

The triathlon itself sounds beautiful but difficult. I am definitely going to have to train on hills, more than I'm doing now. Then again, once I relocate to Hawi I will be surrounded by nothing but hills leaving me little choice but to train on them. I'm excited to pick out a training plan for a longer race and I can't believe that in just over a month my sprint triathlon goal will be history! It seemed like such a long journey when I began, and now I have a new destination to aim toward.

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