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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Official New Training Schedule

Well, after doing some research and taking the ideas of base training and my previously chosen Olympic tri training schedule into account, I put together a schedule to get myself back up to par. Since I am essentially starting back from scratch fitness-wise, I am following the base training recommendation to increase exercise time by no more than 10-20% per week in order to facilitate angiogenesis, the development of capillaries in the lungs. This allows the body to increase it's oxygen efficiency and create a "base" for further training. Here is my masterpiece, after much deliberation and careful scheduling (it's harder to train when you're working full time!):

Since I have only been cleared to bike and walk (ortho shoe included), I will be starting slow. The swims noted will still be arms-only, at least until July. The bike rides will be leisurely and on as level of ground as I can find around here. The walks, at least for the first few weeks, will be more like "gimps." I hope to be able to jog a little by mid July.

I'm also adding in some strength training -- just the basics, some arms, abs, and leg/booty workouts. I would like to make sure that I'm supplementing my training with weightlifting and strengthening. This should (in theory) help me avoid injury in my semi-pathetic, weakened state. 

I have eight weeks until the Olympic tri training schedule starts, and slowly but surely I will be working my way back into the habit of daily workouts. I am nervous. I could posture and pretend that I am nothing but excited, but starting over is scary. I remember the feelings of abundant energy and endless strength that I felt when I was training before, but it has been lost in way too much couch time during this injury. I want it back so badly it hurts, but the little voice of self-doubt forces me to question whether or not I'll ever get there. I know that it will take a lot of hard work to rebuild the habits that just two short months ago were second nature. 

On the other hand, I have never been so excited to put on some spandex and dri-fit! Picking out daily workout clothes is sounding pretty damn good! I've been gazing longingly at the sad-looking, unused stacks of tri shorts, sports bras, and running shirts in my closet. Putting them on again is going to be awesome! I don't care if all I can do tomorrow is wobble a mile on my bike and limp at a snail's pace -- I will be wearing $100 tri shorts and a sponsored dri-fit shirt!

Let the rehab begin.

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