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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Charisma in Ear Band-Its

Well, my waterproof headband, aka my Ear BandIt, has finally arrived! After my regular swim- which, by the way, was all the way up to 400 meters!- I put in my earplugs, covered them tightly with my Ear BandIt, and floundered around for a while. The headband actually does make a huge difference in how much water gets into my ears! I think that with some experimenting I can actually make it work, so I am both pleased and relieved, and although I cannot say that you will look cool wearing it, I can tell you that its ugliness can be overcome because I got hit on as I was coming out of the water. Nothing like earplugs, snorkeling mask, giant headband and swim cap to make you feel sexy. What does make me feel sexy, however, is that my boyfriend told me that he can see a difference in my legs and booty, a fantastic victory for only three weeks of training. It's hard work, but the rewards just keep on coming!

My run was equally successful. Distance-wise I was back down to 2.18 miles, but I ran my fastest mile yet (9:51, shut up I know I'm slow) which came as a great surprise! I had immense amounts of trouble cajoling myself into getting out of the house because it was gray and drizzly outside, but after bribing myself with the thought of post-workout mint hot chocolate and a hot bath with spearmint and lavender, I managed to get my butt out the door. As always, my efforts were rewarded as the sun broke out to turn the water a gorgeous turquoise just in time for my swim. I swear, I have never regretted completing a workout. It seems that there is always something beautiful in store once I get started.

The swim felt long- 400 meters is a quarter mile!- but steady. I told myself from the beginning to just relax and keep swimming, and once I got into a rhythmic stroke it felt almost meditative. I know, however, that this wonderful, relaxing feeling will be gone as soon as I stop using the snorkel and start trying to incorporate breathing into my stroke. I am dreading this upcoming event but I can only remind myself that this obstacle, too, will be overcome.

Today my workout was a simple four mile bike ride which was accomplished with minimal effort. My project for tomorrow is to buy a bike helmet and get my bike into the shop so that I can move from the gym to the great outdoors.

Happy training!

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